Tom’s story

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Laboratory

Role: Calibration Technician II

Tenure: 1 year

The fact that many of my co-workers are also prior service is a nice touch, we all “get it”.

A little bit about…

Tom began his calibration profession in the US Navy. He later joined Trescal in our Charlotte, North Carolina laboratory as a Calibration Technician II after serving for eight years. Recently, he played a significant role in implementing the lab’s new automated primary pressure standard, enabling us to provide high accuracy calibrations and faster turnaround times for all our clients.

My story

I have eight years of calibration experience in the Navy, but I was still determining what I wanted to do career-wise when I left. I’ve always liked mechanics, so I got a job as a mechanic at a truck stop in Wyoming, but I quickly learned that I like mechanics as a hobby and not a career. Then, I saw a job listing with Trescal for a Calibration Technician III in Cornelius, NC, and I thought my Navy calibration experience might pay off. So here we are, one year later.

I enjoy a dynamic work environment. In the Navy, if you were skilled in a particular field or equipment, you were encouraged to continue working in that area. At Trescal, there are opportunities to acquire diverse skills and knowledge.

Working with my colleagues has been a valuable learning experience that has exceeded my expectations. The fact that many of my co-workers are also prior service is a nice touch, we all “get it”. In the service, we “embraced the suck” together. That mentality stays with someone, and I can see it daily here. A long day or significant workload didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t now. The team is in it together.

I am proud of a project I have just completed. I was directly involved in implementing Charlotte’s new automated primary pressure standard, allowing the lab to provide higher accuracy calibrations and decrease turnaround time for all our customers. Additionally, I was able to use the training provided on our company’s new ERP system to provide additional training and assistance to team members and help expedite the launch of this new system in our lab.