Appointment of Guillaume Caroit as CEO of Trescal


Paris, August 27, 2019. Olivier Delrieu, Executive Chairman of Trescal, is pleased to announce the appointment of Guillaume Caroit as CEO of Trescal.

Guillaume joined Trescal in 2007 to oversee acquisitions. He became its COO in 2015. In  his new role, Guillaume Caroit will continue the human, technical, commercial and digital development of the company. He will also focus on its international expansion, particularly in Asia and the Americas.

Guillaume Caroit (HEC 1995) began his career at A.T Kearney focusing on M&A and operational improvements. He also worked at Materis, in the marketing department before taking charge of acquisitions for Parex, in their mortar division.



Paris, July 4th, 2019. Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services, is taking a new step in its geographical expansion in Brazil with the acquisition of Setting and Instituto Amazonense de Metrologia (IAM).

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Sao Paulo, with accredited laboratories in Sao Paulo city and Manaus, Setting also delivers Inmetro Accredited Proficiency Tests and Certified Reference Materials (PH & Conductivity).

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Manaus, IAM is a single source provider of calibration services. Thanks to it’s unique set of Inmetro accredited skills in Manaus, IAM is the suitable entity to become Trescal Amazonas.

Trescal operates now twelve accredited laboratories in nine Brazilian States, located in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Cerquilho, Sao Paulo, Santo Andre, Taubate, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vitoria, Salvador de Bahia, Recife and Manaus. Furthermore, the company also operates two different kinds of mobile accredited calibration laboratories, according to customer needs.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal Deputy CEO, said: “These acquisitions confirm our strategy to become a major actor in South American Calibration Marketplace.”

These are the 16th and 17th acquisition since the change of ownership to Omers in April 2018. 


[SPAIN] TRESCAL amplía la gama de acreditaciones en Trescal Bilbao

Trescal Bilbao (España) ha expandido en los últimos tiempos su oferta de calibración con diversas acreditaciones ENAC para llegar a nuevos mercados como automoción, transporte, y ampliar magnitudes en el sector siderúrgico, fabricantes de instrumentación, sector eólico, energía y aeronáutica.

> Acelerometría: Trescal Bilbao ofrece servicios de calibración para acelerómetros, generadores de vibración y vibrómetros. El rango acreditado va desde los 10Hz a los 10KHz y para aceleraciones hasta 20g. Estas capacidades son demandadas principalmente en el sector del transporte (ferroviario, marítimo, aeronáutico), así como en la industria en general para medir vibraciones de motores entre otros.

> Viscosidad: El laboratorio ofrece servicios de calibración para copas de viscosidad. Se puede dar servicio de calibración para cualquier tipo de copa de viscosidad, cumpliendo con todas las normas existentes. El rango que tenemos acreditado es desde 2 mm2/s a 1800 mm2/s. Estas capacidades son demandadas en sectores como los de automoción y aeronáutica.

> Presión “In Situ”: El laboratorio acreditado ENAC ahora puede ofrecer servicios de calibración para instrumentos de presión in situ con unas incertidumbres mínimas muy competitivas. Se puede dar servicio de calibración para cualquier tipo de instrumento de presión que disponga el cliente en sus instalaciones, este alcance va dirigido a instrumentos de presión muy precisos que el cliente no puede mover de sus instalaciones. Estas capacidades son demandadas en sectores como los de automoción, siderurgia, ….

> Dimensional: Trescal Bilbao ofrece nuevos servicios de calibración en instrumentos dimensionales como micrómetros de interiores de 3 contactos (con rango de 6mm a 100mm), bloques patrón hasta 1000mm y verificadores rápidos de exteriores e interiores (hasta 200mm). Estas capacidades son demandadas en sectores aeronáuticos y automoción.

> Conductividad eléctrica: El laboratorio acreditado ENAC ofrece nuevos servicios de calibración de medidores y patrones de conductividad eléctrica a 60 kHz desde 1 al 100% IACS, capacidades demandadas principalmente por el sector aeronáutico.

> Electricidad: Trescal Bilbao ofrece nuevos servicios de calibración en alta tensión a 60 Hz hasta 200 kV tanto en laboratorio como in situ, medida de error y ángulo en transformadores de intensidad a 50 y 60 Hz, medida de error y ángulo en transformadores de tensión a 50 Hz, puentes de medida de relación en intensidad y tensión, medida de resistencia desde 20 uOhm, potencia eléctrica hasta 712 kW a 50 Hz y hasta 745 a 60 Hz en activa monofásica y hasta 28.8 kW en activa trifásica. Estos servicios son demandados principalmente por el sector manufacturero eléctrico, eólico, solar y empresas de mantenimiento.

Con estas nuevas acreditaciones, Trescal amplía su gama de servicios desde el laboratorio de Bilbao especialmente dirigido al sector aeronáutico, industrial siderúrgico y eólico-energía y a cualquier otro sector aprovechando que Trescal en España tiene el mayor alcance de acreditación. De la misma manera Trescal refuerza su estrategia de servicio en España para mantener su posición como líder en soluciones de calibración y medición.



Paris, May 14, 2019. Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services announces the acquisitions of Gero in Cerquilho (Brazil), MCS Laboratory AG in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) near Philadelphia in the USA. These acquisitions will bring an additional turnover of circa 10 million Euros to the group.

Founded in 1991 in Cerquilho in the state of Sao Paulo, Gero holds the largest number of INMETRO accredited domains in Brazil. The laboratory provides in-house and on-site calibration services to the automotive, energy and electronics industries. It employs 64 people and its technical skills, particularly in acoustics, gas flow and radio frequency, enhance the technical capabilities of Trescal, consolidating its status as the leader in the Brazilian market.

With the acquisition of MCS, based near Lucerne, Trescal is strengthening its presence in Switzerland. The group’s technical offering has now been supplemented with new skills in temperature, humidity and pressure. The SAS -accredited laboratory founded in 2006 employs 4 people and specializes in the Life Sciences sector. The two founders, Hansrudolf Imhof and Werner Zgraggen, will remain in place to further the development of this entity.                                        

The acquisition of ISS enables Trescal to expand its presence to Pennsylvania and to increase its expertise in pipette calibration and gas detection & concentration. It will strengthen the group’s ability to address the Life Sciences sector in the US. ISS was founded in 1988 and employs 51 people.

These are the 12th, 13th and 14th acquisitions since the change of ownership to Omers in April 2018.


[ASIA] Trescal Singapore achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

Singapore, 02th April 2019.
Trescal, the global specialist in calibration services has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its operations in Singapore. ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for a quality management system implemented within a company to meet the customers’ requirements and to continually find ways of improvement. The certification was granted for both sites: - 31, Ubi Road 1, #03-07 Aztech Building Singapore 408694 - 1 Seletar Aerospace Crescent, Singapore 797565 It encompasses on-site and off-site calibration, maintenance, inspection and testing services after sales technical advice and consultancy as well as the development of calibration and testing methods in metrology. Trescal Singapore decided to work towards the ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate their commitment to improve the overall performance and to maintain a high level of quality. With the implementation of ISO 9001, they will be able to measure customers’ satisfaction and analyze the risks and opportunities for improvement. Trescal Singapore continues to strive to exceed customer expectations and focus on the quality assurance.