Trescal acquires A+ Métrologie, a subsidiary of the Apave Group

Trescal today announces the acquisition of A+ Métrologie, a subsidiary of the Apave Group, a major player on the French test and measurement market.

Founded in 2000, A+ Métrologie has 14 multi-disciplined calibration laboratories spread across France employing 320 people (of which 250 engineers and technicians) and achieved a turnover of € 27 million in 2016.

This acquisition will allow customers of both companies, Trescal and A+ Métrologie, to benefit from many complementary features: broader offer of accredited calibration services, more extensive measurement capabilities and a greater geographical coverage.


This acquisition was carried out with the support of ARDIAN, an independent private investment company and majority shareholder of the Trescal Group. It is the 24th acquisition since ARDIAN ownership in July 2013.


"This sale enables the Apave Group to accelerate its development on its core business: Risk Management. With Trescal, we have chosen a major French player who offers the best development prospects for this activity in France, as well as abroad for A+ Métrologie.
Trescal will be able to rely on the skills and professionalism of its 320 new employees. "declares Van Phuc Lê, President of Apave Development and Vice President of Apave


"It is with great pleasure that we welcome A+ Métrologie into the Trescal Group. This is a unique opportunity in France to offer our customers a more complete catalogue of services through a strengthened network of calibration laboratories”, says François Moïse, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Trescal SA.



Trescal announces the acquisition of Pyrometro Services (M) Sdn Bhd (Pyrometro), a calibration services provider based in Malaysia. This first step in Malaysia expands Trescal’s geographical footprint and technical coverage in South East Asia. This acquisition has been completed with the support of Ardian, its majority shareholder.

Founded in 1992 in Kuala Lumpur, Pyrometro is a Malaysian one-stop-shop calibration company comprising four accredited laboratories all across the country, with a wide range of domains covered (temperature, humidity, pressure, dimensional, ...) and very strong capabilities in torque, force, mass, electrical DC/LF, volume and liquid measurements parameters. Pyrometro employs 168 people, generates a turnover of 15 million Malaysian Ringgit (~3,0 m€) and is mostly active in the Life Sciences sector.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal Deputy CEO, said: “We are delighted to continue our Asian external growth strategy with Pyrometro and its excellent management team, Mrs. Cindy Tan and Mr. Teo. They will stay on board to accompany our development in Malaysia. Our ambition is to reach 40 to 50 M€ sales in Asia by 2022 through organic growth and acquisitions.”

This acquisition is the twenty-third acquisition since the change of ownership to Ardian in July 2013.


Partnership with Guildline Instruments

GUILDLINE the world-leader in designing and manufacturing precise standards and instruments for electrical DC/LF measurements, have chosen Trescal as Preferred Supplier in Europe and Africa.

This agreement recognizes Trescal’s expertise in metrology and maintenance.

Trescal will perform calibration and repair services on Guildline instruments in compliance with procedures drawn up by GUILDLINE, accreditation rules and international standards.

The agreement which took effect on January 1st is valid for a period of 3 years.

“Guildline Instruments has been designing and manufacturing world-leading electrical measurement instruments and standards for over 60 years; and Trescal has been delivering world-class calibration and repair services for over 35 years. This Agreement allows both Companies to provide Guildline and Trescal customers with the best in class calibration and repair services .” Richard Timmons, P.Eng, President, Canada

“This new partnership with one of the major and best in class supplier of electrical measuring equipment testifies of the excellence of our laboratories and guarantees high quality services for Guildline products” says Francis, Richard, CTO Trescal. 



Guildline Instruments manufactures and markets ultra-precise instruments for electrical metrology. Our products are used for research and as the primary instrument with respect to establishing traceability to fundamental electrical standards. Key customer markets include national research laboratories, national metrology institutes, militaries, nuclear power plants, aerospace, companies in the electrical and power industry, and calibration laboratories.

Additional information is available online at 



PRESYS, Brazilian manufacturer and distributor specialized in measurement instrumentation and manufacturing systems has signed an agreement with Trescal to provide calibration services to its customers in Europe, North America and in Asia.

This agreement recognizes Trescal’s expertise in metrology and maintenance.

Trescal will perform calibration and repair services on Presys instruments in particular on pressure and temperature calibrators.

The services will be carried out either in Trescal laboratories in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and Singapore or on customers’ sites by qualified and trained Trescal staff in compliance with applicable standards and technical specifications defined by Presys.

The agreement which took effect on April 1st is valid for a period of 3 years.

“Providing a repair and calibration One-Stop Solution for our international customers is a necessary path for a successful and sustainable growth. We are proud to count on Trescal network of laboratories for providing such professional services” Marc Vantournhoudt, International Sales Manager; Brazil.

“We are very happy that Presys have chosen Trescal as their calibration and repair service provider in several countries and continents. Through our international network of laboratories, we are able to meet the expectations of Presys offering our customers a unique geographical coverage and a high quality service based on a recognized expertise. " says Francis, Richard, CTO Trescal. 



Founded in 1989, Presys designs and manufactures a complete and integrated solution for the calibration of process instruments, from the portable calibrator to the full computerized Calibration Station that allows the implantation of a laboratory satisfying any industrial instrumentation calibration needs.Presys products are developed in a technology context combining high-level of quality and reliability.

Besides the ISO 9001 quality certification, Presys maintains an ISO/IEC 17205 certified calibration laboratory satisfying the most demanding requirements of the national reference laboratory with one of the best measurement capacity for the calibration and certification of our calibrators.
Presys is a reference of seriousness and technical competence always ready to meet the needs of customers.

Additional information is available online at 


Interview with John Brooks, Trescal Ltd on the Importance of Pipette Calibration

Pipettes should be regularly calibrated to ensure they continue to perform precisely and accurately. Here, John Brooks at Trescal, the international specialist in calibration and measurement solutions, explains why. In this article he will demystify the process to reveal what good looks like when it comes to implementing a successful pipette calibration programme.

“It is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that pipette calibration is tailored around the needs of a laboratory and that maintenance is not neglected,” says Trescal’s John Brooks, who heads up the Trescal Stevenage branch, a centre of expertise for pipette calibration in the UK. As a result, John and his team know only too well that with pipettes being a widely used laboratory tool - often in constant operation and frequently subjected daily to a number of external factors - performance can deteriorate with each use. John explains, “This can be caused by anything from contact with fluid which causes corrosive effects, to the general wear and tear caused by pipette handling.”

With this in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why a pipette needs to be well maintained through regular calibration intervals. However, due to the heavy reliance on the equipment, it can be a struggle for some to commit to a regular testing and maintenance programme.  


How frequently should pipettes be calibrated?

As there is no current legislation on how often pipettes should be tested, it is down to users to make an informed decision based on usage. However, the NPL good practice guide No 69 recommends that every pipette in use should be tested on a regular basis to determine the accuracy and repeatability of the volume of liquid it delivers.

Trescal UK follows the NPL good practice guide further, to also recommend that an assessment should be made to determine the frequency of testing appropriate to the use the pipette receives and the accuracy required from it. This should be at least once a year but wherever possible every three to four months. The factors to be considered include the amount of use, number of users, type of liquid dispensed and any manufacturer’s recommendations.

Taking a good look at the types of pipettes in use will also be a good indicator. Mechanical action pipettes, unlike the original glass pipette, contain many internal parts and could be at higher risk of a failure as there is more to go wrong. Problems might not always be evident to the operator, so also take this into consideration and ensure that equipment is checked frequently even if the pipette is seemingly working correctly. 

From this is it is clear that a quality calibration provider will be able to help identify the best intervals for testing and can also base maintenance schedules on laboratory experience to help minimise the occurrence of predictable failures in most cases.


What does pipette calibration involve?

When it comes to the process involved, the calibration will involve a skilled engineer inspecting the device for any signs of wear and tear, contamination or corrosion from fluids, poor pipette handling and general damage.

The calibration process follows the guideline of BS EN ISO 8665: 2002 standard and the NPL good practice guide, where compliance is tested by very accurately weighing multiple samples of dispensed fluid in a carefully controlled and repeatable manner.

The engineer will then be able to make adjustments to the pipettes to optimise performance, and, if required, replace O-rings and seals, then clean and re-lubricate prior to final compliance testing.


What to consider when arranging pipette calibration?

Calibration providers should be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, which demonstrates competency in calibration. However, the BS EN ISO 8665: 2002 standard, which is the most critical ISO standard for calibrating piston-operated pipettes, burettes, diluters, and dispensers, is much more detailed and specific to pipette calibration.

Another factor to keep in mind is the schedule of the laboratory, which is crucial to keep in mind when planning a pipette calibration programme. Wherever possible, minimising downtime should be the goal. Many calibration providers, including Trescal, can offer onsite calibration services which means a significant amount of time is saved by not having to transport products between the testing facility and laboratory.

It is important to check that a calibration provider is certified to undertake onsite calibration services, so always check the UKAS schedule of accreditations and ask for proof of compliance.


How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending on the type of pipette and calibration required. However, an appropriate maintenance regime will bring savings in the long run. With regular pipette calibration, the longevity of equipment is improved, meaning businesses are able to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring and the replacement of pipettes, saving potentially thousands of pounds.

Overall, it is important to have an open dialogue about requirements to work towards the most reliable and effective solution. A comprehensive calibration programme that meets the needs of laboratories is achievable with the help of a quality calibration provider. Additionally, with options including onsite calibration services, there should also be a solution to keep downtime and costs to a minimum.

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