A versatile electrical impedance calibration laboratory based on digital impedance bridges (VersICaL)

Trescal in Denmark are currently involved in the VersICaL project under the EURAMET EMPIR call. The overall objective of this project is the improvement of the European measurement infrastructure for electrical impedance measurement in the audio frequency range. This will be achieved by developing versatile, affordable measurement set-ups (digital impedance bridges) for the realization of the inductance scale in the range 1 mH to 10 H and the capacitance scale in the range 1 nF to 10 μF. The work will exploit the outcomes of previous EMRP-funded research in this field thus developing the research capacity of participating national metrology institutes (NMIs) and designated institutes (DIs) including Trescal in Denmark. It will address the needs of accredited calibration centeres and their customers.

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