Testimonals of Trescal employees

Hear first hand from our employees about their experience at Trescal.


Enrico Wolf began his career in an “explosive” manner with Weco, Germany’s leading pyrotechnics company, where he discovered his interest in technical engineering. Following his studies, in 2005 he dived into the metrology bath with the MWQ GmbH company, as right hand man to the CEO. This position was ideal to discover the business, allowing him to quickly become Sales Director.  In 2010, with the reorganisation of Trescal in Europe, he was appointed Sales Director of Trescal Germany in addition to his position as IT Director. This dual role proved to be an asset when obtaining contracts requiring the transnational cooperation of Trescal’s teams. “ In a job like ours, it’s important to always expand your knowledge. The responsabilities Trescal gave me enabled me to develop myself professionally in many ways.”


Sergey Pasechnikov spent 5 years in the US army where he worked as a specialist in equipment testing, surveying and diagnostics, gaining his first experience in electronic metrology. He then decided to work in a private dimensional laboratory, which later joined the Trescal Group in 2011. Sergey has become a recognised expert in the dimensional field. He has trained numerous technicians and shared his experience with other laboratories in the USA. According to him, “dimensional calibration of equipment requires a real understanding of physical phenomena, and a certain mental agility specific to engineering”. His work philosophy is based on the idea that any task can be done better, more quickly and more easily if you understand it and master all the tricks of the trade.

Graduate Calibration Engineer

David graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 2:1 in Physics with Nuclear Physics and joined Trescal Great Yarmouth in May 2015 as a Graduate Calibration Engineer. Since then he has become an integral part of the Flow Laboratory at Trescal Great Yarmouth (UK) working on Hydrocarbon and Gas Flow as well as the Pressure Laboratory specialising in High Vacuum calibration. In 2017 he co-authored a research paper with his colleague Dr Stephen Rickaby on Gas Conversion factors, which was presented at CIM International congress of Metrology 2017, held in Paris, France.  

David commented that since joining the team at Great Yarmouth he has truly enjoyed working with the small team, he stated ‘I really enjoy how my efforts are appreciated at Trescal. I like how my achievements are noticed and how I don’t need to spend time to market my abilities. This is a rock solid company that has a very bright future and I am excited to be a part of it.

Outside of the laboratory David has been working his way up the powerlifting ranks. As of October 2017 he is the U90KG WPC Power lifting World Champion – Trescal are proud of everything David has achieved and honoured to be able to sponsor him though each of the stages right through to becoming 2017 world champion.  


As part of her baccalaureate requirements at ESIGELEC, an advanced electrical engineering school in Rouen, France, Sarah wanted to complete an engineering internship at Trescal. After various interviews Sarah was sent to the United States for an internship.  She worked in the Instrument Knowledge Center, on the site of a large automobile manufacturer. During the course of her internship she produced function catalogues in the LabView program of National Instruments, a specialised software used in instrumentation and measuring applications, and updated the virtual instrument standards. During her internship, Sarah developed many skills; and became familiar with the domain of instrument calibration and metrology, while working on computer programming. Speaking about her experience at Trescal, Sarah found everyone willing to help each other and praise those who have good ideas.