Consulting, technical support and training in metrology

Our technical expertise in measurement and our know-how in calibration equip us to assist you with the implementation and the optimization of your industrial processes, the certification of your products and services in accordance with your regulatory compliance requirements, i.e. health, safety, security, environmental, etc. 

To help you maintain the required agility to adapt to a constantly evolving technological landscape and ever increasing economic constraints, our expertise assists you through all the steps pertaining to the industrial process (design, test, manufacture, control, delivery) through the following services:

  • Audits and technical evaluations follow quality and measurement standards for calibration for multiple domains and tests
  • Technological and normative support, writing procedures and development of a maintenance plan
  • Metrological confirmation of measuring systems
  • Selection and procurement of measurement instruments: purchase of new or refurbished equipment and/or rental
  • Calibration training on the use and maintenance of measurement equipment

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Calibration training and consultancy

Consulting, technical support and training


Our offering in Singapore is based on modules developed by Trescal Globally. We have the abillity to provide bespoke solutions to our clients both in Singapore and South East Asia.

The course has been developed with NPL and Coventry University both leading authorities in the field .
These courses can be used to provide staff development programmes as well as awareness trainnig for our client base in Singapore and Asia.