Calibration Asset management

Trescal offers a tailored asset management service dedicated to your test and measurement instruments.

Our online asset management software tool offers different levels of operational control, from instrument inventory, history control, calibration and maintenance management to managing asset availability and managing the costs of deployment and ownership.

Trescal has developed tools and methods that support and optimize its multi-level service offerings, with:

  • Specialised asset management IT
  • Rationalization solutions and equipment pooling
  • Optimization of calibration intervals in compliance with metrological standards (OiCM).

Our services are managed by specialized teams whose recommendations are based on targeted audits that address different components of the process such as: Identification of needs, inventory, call-planning for calibration services, maintenance plans, logistical tracking, and database upkeep. Our solutions are in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 10012.

Our offerings in the United Kingdom

Trescal UK have developed a full Asset Management Service encompassing a comprehensive range of test equipment support services that can be tailored to the exact requirements of the customer.

The objective is to provide a ‘one-stop’ solution for all of our customer’s test equipment requirements by offering a ‘cradle to grave’ scope of support services aligned with our core values of delivering continuous improvement, cost savings and peace of mind.

The Trescal UK Asset management service includes the following key services:

  • Procurement – including SMART procurement reporting to support Equipment standardization programs.
  • Storage – A secure, fully bonded storage facility incorporating bar code technology for equipment tracking. Visibility and status of all stored assets via Trescal UK website.
  • Logistics – Trescal UK operates a fleet of customized vans covering the whole of the UK mainland for the delivery/collection of test equipment.
  • Through Life Support – Trescal UK offers a full range of calibration/repair/planned maintenance/upgrade services.
  • External third party rental services – Agreements with external rental partners.
  • Asset Management helpdesk – Provides technical / applications / administrative support to asset management customers with working hours aligned with the customer’s core working hours.
  • Web based services – In-house developed, Secure, transactional website with asset management functionality allows asset management customers to access the full range of services on-line including equipment requests, visibility of pooled assets, cal/repair services, asset service history including calibration certs/results, equipment specifications, pictures and manuals and a comprehensive range of reporting tools including financial / utilisation / usage / work in progress reports that can be fully user defined.
  • Disposal services – A managed disposal service using specialist companies to ensure maximum re-sale value of test equipment at the end of its useful life.


Trescal UK have been providing a full asset management service to a major UK based Defence and Aerospace company since 2001 managing in excess of 20,000 assets shared across a UK wide network of business units.

Trescal UK has a proven record of delivering savings based on reduced cost of ownership, capital expenditure and efficient automated processes through the asset management services that we provide. 

Gestion de parc  métrologiques par Trescal