Pharmaceutical and cosmetics



The multiplication of standards and norms such as Pharmacopoeia, GMP, ISO 22716 and so on, along with the tightening of the domain requirements and related inspections by dedicated organisms (FDA, ANSM, EMEA…) involves being fully conversant with all measurements taken: relevance, traceability, uncertainty, etc.

This level of requirements has revealed calibration needs, which call for recourse to specialists in measurement process management. Trescal’s technical skills over the entire range of the required services (calibration, verification, qualification and maintenance) – for both instruments and processes – mean they have genuine capabilities when it comes to assisting customers and provide them with real expertise in the management of their calibration processes.



  • Contract management and reviews are handled by a dedicated team
  • Integration of operational and organizational constraints relating to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Large coverage of metrological domains plus related technical expertise
  • Broad scope of operations (calibration, preventive/corrective maintenance, qualification) at all stages of customer processes
  • An offer with complementary services (rental, sale of equipment, sub-contracting, repair)
  • Quality, metrological and market expertise through proficient knowledge of the references and standards in force (GMP, ISO 22716, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 10012...)
  • The ability to assist customers in adjusting and improving their calibration processes



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Ipsen • Bio Rad • Biotehnos • Chanel • Clarins • Colgate Palmolive • Cooper
• Diagnostica Stago • Ethicon • Expanscience • Famar • Fareva • Fournier
Pharma • Fresenius • Galderma • GE Healthcare • Getinge • GlaxoSmithkline
• Guerbet • ICR • Instituto de Angeli • Janssen Cilag • Johnson and Johnson •
L’Oréal • LFB Biomédicaments • Medtronic • Merck Santé • Minakem • Novartis
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