Calibration management software: asset management, measurement

Trescal provides calibration management software.

Management IT solutions meet our internal productivity needs.

We are now marketing these solutions to our clients to help them track their test measurement equipment and improve the efficiency of their internal calibration management operations.

TAM Online and ATESWeb

TAM Online

Our asset calibration management solution


Our asset management solution

Trescal UK now offers, two full-web asset management solutions developed for the management and tracking of your instruments and instrument calibration data.  TAM Online and ATESWeb are simple and intuitive turnkey solutions that will help you:

• Manage and track instrumentation

• Manage and optimise metrological activity

• Centralize and safeguard your data

In addition to common asset management features such as inventory data and planning, the solutions integrate fully with our internal business process management systems to provide up to the minute status and detail of any calibration work being performed.

Notifications on the status of the equipment and calibration due reports can be emailed to customers as required. 

All solutions are accessible to all types of companies because of the ease of deployment:

  • Compatible with a simple internet browser
  • File storage in a data base

Contact us to arrange a demonstration and to review any requirements you may have.

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