Asset management

Trescal offers a tailored asset management service dedicated to your test and measurement instruments.

Our online asset management software tool offers different levels of operational control, from instrument inventory, history control, calibration and maintenance management to managing asset availability and managing the costs of deployment and ownership.

Trescal has developed tools and methods that support and optimize its multi-level service offerings, with:

  • Specialised asset management IT
  • Rationalization solutions and equipment pooling
  • OiCM approach: optimization of calibration intervals in compliance with metrological standards.

Our services are managed by specialized teams whose recommendations are based on targeted audits that address different components of the process such as: Identification of needs, inventory, call-planning for calibration services, maintenance plans, logistical tracking, and database upkeep. Our solutions are in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC-17025 and ISO 10012.

Gestion de parc  métrologiques par Trescal

Our offerings in the United States

You will save significant amounts of time and money while preventing hassles by harnessing the power of our TAM Online database. This service enables you to check the status of an item, print on-line versions of your certifications, track item locations, export records and eliminate manual entry of information into another database.

Benefits of the TAM Online system include:

  • Complete database functionality
  • Paperless system
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Eliminates errors
  • 24/7 access to certification data
  • Advanced reporting
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Multiple security levels
  • On-line Help files


This web-based application is maintained and continually upgraded by Trescal and is available for customer use via the Internet.

Two (2) levels of the product are currently available

Level One also known as the “base” level, is free of charge and is available to all Trescal customers, 24/7. Level One features include:

  • Equipment Status Inquiries – i.e., identify calibration, repair, outsourced, shipped status, etc.
  • Equipment Shipping Documents – save, generate, and electronically schedule pick-ups
  • Electronic Document Storage System (DocSS) – retrieve and download  equipment certificates of calibration, data sheets, shippers, invoices, payments, and historical data,
  • Financial Reporting – compile informative reporting of calibration expenditures monthly or year-to-date. Reports include the PO #, invoice date, invoice amount, and payment.
  • Equipment Due Notice Report – query date-range based equipment due for calibration
  • Automated OOT Notification


Level Two is available with an initial set-up/configuration fee with a modest monthly maintenance charge. Training on the software’s capabilities is included in the initial fee. It incorporates all the features of Level One with the following additional features, all controlled by the end user:

  • Automated Bar Code Equipment & Recipient “Check in / Check out”
  • Out of Tolerance instrument recall and uploading impact analysis or Non-Conformance reports
  • Owner, Recipient, and Location Configurability
  • Automated e-mail Equipment Due Notice (with escalation process)
  • Add and Update Equipment Inventory List
  • Asset Utilization Reports
  • Configurable Security Settings