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Customer Service Representative



  • Receives telephone requests for price quotations, purchase orders, order changes, adjustments and cancellations from customers, manufacturers, and distributors.  Achieves and maintains rapport with customers and works to give them the best possible service.  Responds to customer inquiries, complaints and problems.  Refers technical or technically related matters to appropriate authority.
  • Uses EMS to retrieve customer information, equipment status information, the status of purchase orders (internal and external) and makes changes on purchase order.  Ensures that correct status codes are used.
  • Schedules and coordinates the on-site process, equipment pick-ups, and customer priorities.  Follows up on customer and vendor inquiries regarding delivery information.  Works closely with the Lab Manager to ensure 5 day turn OR appropriate communication to customer.   Investigates and logs customer complaints and initiates corrective actions.  Then evaluates effectiveness of corrective/preventative actions and recommends alternative courses of action.
  • Responsible for purchasing off the shelf types of readily available, commonly used materials, parts, supplies, tools, or services.  Potentially maintains stock inventory tracking system and the establishment of quantity on hand requirements.  Completes various standard purchasing responsibilities.  Prepares purchase requisitions, transportation and delivery documents, and related letters or memos.  Completes reports of purchasing activities and cost.  Verifies order delivery and sends back inaccurate shipments.
  • Coordinates with Sales Account Managers regarding sales leads and existing customer concerns/issues.
  • Makes price quotations by phone.  Also prepares customer quotations within 24 hours of the request. 
  • Contacts vendors to verify outsourced equipment status.  Relays this information to customer.
  • Maintains EMS files of customer equipment activity.
  • Prepares new customer account information and forwards information to the Accounting Department.
  • Surveys and approves suppliers and maintains approved supplier listing.
  • Build and maintain strong customer/vendor relationships.
  • Works professionally by adhering to company policies.
  • Responsible to carry out the policies and procedures set forth by Trescal.
  • Occasional assistance form supervisor or manager needed to resolve complaints/problems.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • Source of Supervision: 
  • Supervised by a manager.  Performs semi-routine duties where some judgment is required when communicating with customers, sales representative, and inter-company personnel.  Work is performed under defined and uniform procedures.



  • High school diploma or GED
  • Previous experience in a field related to customer service and or purchasing required.


Skills/Abilities Required: 

  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be able to diffuse potentially angry clients.
  • Must have strong organizational skills and basic knowledge and usage of computers.
  • Must have basic math skills.
  • Ability to work well with others in a professional manner


Physical Demands:

  • Ability to sit for long periods of time.


Working Conditions:

  • Professional office and laboratory environment.
  • Professional office dress.


Accounting Administrator

Santa Clara CA


  • Responsible for invoicing customer accounts and verifying accuracy of billed amounts.
  • Tracks invoice status.
  • Maintains customer communications regarding payment status.
  • Initiates and reviews customer credit reference information for billing method assignment (NET 30, COD, etc.)
  • Responsible for monthly billings for services
  • Responsible for payables and balancing the payable account.
  • Responsible for maintaining the credit card software, integrity, i.e. security, transactions.
  • Maintains the GE Tradesite/Internet and any other similar sites.
  • Responsible for completion of surveys.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • Performs other duties as required. 
  • Works professionally by adhering to company policies.


Source of Supervision: 




A.A.S. degree in an accounting discipline or experience where accounting principles are the primary functions.  Experience with credit approval.


Skills/Abilities Required: 

Thorough understanding of the operation of computers required.  Use of standard style calculators.  Use of spreadsheets to track invoices and Purchase Order (PO) amounts. Basic math skills.  Organizational skills required.  Ability to communicate clearly.


Physical Demands:

Sitting for long periods of time.


Working Conditions:

Professional office environment.  Professional office dress.





Resident Professional

Santa Clara, CA


Job Summary: Primary responsibility for maintaining a calibration program at a customer site.  Performs calibrations at customer site, facilitates on-site and off-site calibrations, maintains calibration records and maintains calibration standards at customer site at a level that satisfies traceability and audit requirements. 


Source of Supervision: Laboratory Manager


Position Function Responsibility:

  • Perform equipment recall for equipment past due and coming due
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records for all calibration activities
  • Maintain all calibration program related documentation to meet customer and Dynamic Technology requirements
  • Ensures all calibration activities meet customer and Dynamic Technology traceability requirements
  • Works with purchasing department to specify calibration requirements and coordinate supplier activities
  • Retrieves equipment for calibration throughout the customer site where necessary
  • Returns equipment from calibration to proper locations throughout the customer site where necessary
  • Perform calibrations on customer equipment
  • Prioritize workload to meet customer process needs
  • Communicate current status of all activities to customer
  • Support customer audits as they relate to the calibration program


Skills / Abilities Required:

  • Very good organizational skills, meticulous with details
  • Experience with using Microsoft software and computers to include the Internet
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing
  • Moderate level understanding of math



Educational / Experience Required:

  • Minimum education:  High School Diploma or equivalent:  Military calibration training preferred
  • 5 years previous experience in calibration


Physical / Demands:

  • Lifting up of up to 50 pounds.



Working Conditions:

  • Typically Office and laboratory working environment. 
  • Customer site dependent.

Sales Account Manager

Skills: metrology



  • Responsible for all business aspects of strategic account management.
  • Sales of calibration, training, consulting, and all related metrology services.
  • Build and maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Pursue new sales and position TRESCAL for growth opportunities.
  • Interact with all levels of customer personnel including senior management, engineering, manufacturing, laboratory supervision, administration, purchasing, and/or any personnel responsible for the calibration function.
  • Responsible to carry out the policies and procedures set forth by TRESCAL.


Source of Supervision: 

  • Sales Account Manager/ Director of Business Development



  • High school diploma or GED
  • Preferred education or experience in the field of Metrology.


Skills/Abilities Required: 

  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have good knowledge and usage of computers.
  • Self-motivated and team oriented.
  • Proven Account Management and Project Management experience.


Physical Demands:

  • Ability to sit for a moderate amount of time.
  • Ability to travel to customer locations regularly.


Working Conditions:

  • Professional office, laboratory environment, and customer facilities
  • Professional office dress.


Calibration Technician- Level 1-apprentice gage block tech

Skills: gage block

Baltimore, MD

Job summary:

Technicians will perform routine calibrations of low to mid level instruments in the calibration laboratory and where necessary, at customer’s locations (on-site).  The calibration disciplines cover the areas of force, pressure, torque, mass, temperature, infrared thermometry, humidity, chemical, dimensional, accelerometry, noise, vibration, DC & low frequency, microwave and RF.  Technicians will also perform equipment maintenance as necessary and participate in internal audits and proficiency testing.  Collateral duties may be assigned as permanent part of position description depending on individual’s abilities.



  • Requires supervision and guidance regarding calibration and troubleshooting



  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures,
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and timely turn-around on all equipment and service,
  • Perform calibration of low  level test and measurement equipment with guidance, as necessary,
  • Adhere to developed calibration procedures to meet the needs of the customer while supporting traceability of the measurements,
  • Complete all documentation associated with position accurately and efficiently while maintaining a 5 % or less of the combined Quality Documentation Inspection (QDI) and Process Verification Inspection (PVI) discrepancy rates,
  • Seek technical proficiency and effectiveness through various means such as self-study, local college and internal training programs as well as through proficiency testing,
  • Perform other laboratory support functions as required in an efficient and orderly manner,
  • Ensure that preventative maintenance of the laboratory’s equipment is performed in a timely and acceptable manner,
  • Seek and provide sales leads whenever possible.



  • High School graduate
  • Minimum of one year technical training or military experience in a technical discipline preferred


Knowledge/Skills/Abilities (ksa) Required: 

  • Basic knowledge of mathematics with some science,
  • Proficient in Windows-based products, i.e., Excel and Word,
  • Some experience in calibrating of test and measurement equipment used in conjunction,
  • Skilled in communication with customers and peers,
  • [DESIRED] – Experience using LabView and Met/Cal


Physical Demands:

  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Able to lift 50 lbs