The science of measurement is constantly evolving and new technologies offer innovative possibilities every day

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Metrology, a science in perpetual motion

Measures such as the meter, the kilogram, the second, the ampere, the kelvin, the mole and the candela are all units that were defined by the International System of Units (SI) from the end of the 18th century and were at that time based on physical items. The value of a kilo had been represented since 1889 by a standard forged from an alloy of platinum and iridium.

Over time, these physical standards were replaced by fundamental mathematical constants to ensure their reliability. These developments were a real revolution for metrology in its continuous search for consistency.

This is precisely why Trescal has forged close ties with major European projects such as the European Metrology Program for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) and partnerships with national laboratories such as the Danish National Institute of Metrology for which it is the national reference national laboratory for alternating current/radiofrequency.

Trescal invests 12.5 million euros each year in lab, technological and standard developments as well as implementing new technical and IT processes.

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A dedicated department

In order to remain at the forefront in terms of expertise and to give its customers and partners added value, Trescal has created a dedicated innovation department in charge of finding innovative methods for the future as well as designing more efficient tools for implementing standards.

The department is divided into three pillars, backed by the Group Technical Department.

Trescal is an import actor in product innovation, creating products such as the Gauge Block robot, the DMM robot (Digital Multi Meters) as well as portable multimeters which have made daily work routines easier. Discover our Virtual Lab – soon on this website.