Additional services

Our broad service portfolio includes everything from asset management, to training and consulting services.


Asset Management

Our Asset Management Service includes comprehensive test equipment support which is tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Our knowledge of asset management is much more than calibration and repair of your existing inventory and replacing defective instruments. We consider it to be a lifecycle process – we highlight opportunities for cost savings, improved service delivery, new technology, and when replacement equipment should be considered.


Our procurement service is carried out as part of our asset management offering or on request. Our strong knowledge of the product and service offerings of OEMs guarantees that you will be given independent recommendations, which make sense technically and economically. As part of the procurement service, our engineers can conduct calibration on the equipment prior to sending the test equipment to the customer. We ensure that all of the equipment supplied to its our customers are traceable to national standards.

Life sciences: validation & qualification

In order to answer specific sector needs, Trescal has developed for the life sciences industry capabilities across several laboratories specialising in validation and qualification.

is a service that demonstrates that the installed equipment is operating in accordance with the regulations in force, at the various stages of qualification.

is documented proof that the systems, processes and equipment meet the requirements for their intended use as well as the existing regulations.

Training, consulting and specialist services

Training services

The Trescal Institute, founded in 2010 is dedicated to providing calibration and technical training for its own internal needs, in order to ensure Trescal employees benefit from the required level of qualifications as well as for its customers and external third parties.

Courses range from the basics of metrology to the optimal use of equipment. Furthermore courses :

  • Can be tailor-made for Trescal customers
  • Include theory as well as practical sessions
  • Are adapted and regularly updated
  • Are led by Trescal trainers who are experts in their field

The Trescal Institute benefits from training centers in France, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Consulting services

Our technical experts in measurement can assist customers with the implementation and optimisation of industrial process across an array of fields:

  • Accreditation and/or certification process
  • Advice on laboratory relocation
  • Technical expertise or evaluations