OEM Partnerships

Manufacturers from the United States, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and France have selected Trescal as their factory authorised service provider.

We are authorised to service a wide range of products on behalf of the OEM or their distributors, including audio analysers, torque tools, transducers and power supplies.


We have partnered with Stahlwille, specialists in the design and production of industrial hand tools for the aerospace, automotive, rail, utilities, renewable energy, oil & gas and general engineering business sectors. In the UK, Trescal is the only authorised company able to calibrate and adjust Stahlwille transducers. We are also an authorised repair and calibration centre for Stahlwille hand tools.

The Trescal Stevenage branch is an Audio Precision authorised third-party service provider, offering repair services for all supported AP products for customers in the UK and Ireland. Audio Precision is the world-wide leader for audio analysers and audio testing. They provide elite audio analysis, audio measurement software, and a wide range of modules, options and accessories to support analogue and digital audio measurement, as well as electro-acoustic testing, and much more.

Trescal UK is an authorised service provider for California Instruments, part of AMETEK Programmable Power Group. We offer calibration and repair services both in our laboratories and on customer’s sites through our mobile solution. California Instruments provide a range of AC programmable power sources used in R&D, test and measurement, avionics testing, inverter testing, arbitrary waveform generation, bulk power and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments. Since its acquisition in 2007, California Instruments is AMETEK Programmable Power’s leading global brand for AC programmable power sources.