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Trescal offers jobs in metrology and calibration.
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A STRONG identitY

Trescal is committed to developing strong long-term relationships, grounded in technical and human excellence.
Excellence for Trescal is about offering strong added value in the management of metrological instruments thanks to a dedicated and experienced team of professionals and an organization that combines the strength of an International Group with the proximity of a local service.
Trescal’s success is based on its well-trained teams who share common methodologies. Trescal enables those who are willing to work hard, the possibility of expanding the responsibilities of their current job position while offering training at the Trescal Institute.
At Trescal, every employee is the entrepreneur of their job and their career. They participate in building the satisfaction and confidence of our clients, contribute to the entrepreneurial adventure of our companies and create our Group’s identity.

Our commitment to our teams:

  • Provide a rewarding and ethical work environment
  • Measure performance in a standardized way to reward the performance of each and every one.
  • Identify, recognize and develop expertise
  • Regularly train our co-workers to build a learning company.



If you want to have an internship where you will have responsibilities and do interesting work, we offer 6-month missions on various topics (business development, supply chain, IT, production, management control, communication, mergers and acquisitions).

Young graduates

We are looking for young graduates in management control and business development for permanent job contracts or V.I.E’s (International volunteer program) in European countries or in the United States.


The career opportunities are numerous, please send us your CV if you are a technician in one of our domains of expertise (Dimensional, Mechanical, Leak ,  Physical volume, Pressure, Force, Flow, Temperature, Hygrometry, Photometry, Electrical, Accelerometer, RF and Microwave, Hyperfrequency, Telecom  / Radiocom, Radiometry, Photometry, Radio navigation measurement).

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Your CV will be studied by our corporate HR team and you will be contacted by one of our local Human Resources Department.


Technical expertise, excellence and professionalism: 

If you share our values, we want to hear from you!

Trescal Ltd win Award for Apprentice Support












STEGTA Award Testimonial for 2018 Excellence Award for Apprenticeship Support

Since 2009, Trescal have consistently demonstrated a firm commitment to the development of young people within the calibration industry. Through a collaborative approach, STEGTA and Trescal have worked closely to create a solid foundation for their Apprenticeship initiatives. Throughout our partnership, Trescal have shown a willingness to move forward with the ongoing platforms of Apprenticeship training.  In 2018, Trescal have initiated the go ahead to embrace the new Apprenticeship Standard programmes. This being a further demonstration of their willingness to provide the most up to date training for both new and existing employees. It gives STEGTA great pleasure to announce Trescal as the recipient of the 2018 Excellence Award for Apprenticeship Support.

Trescal Ltd understand that people are the heart of every thriving company. Therefore developing the capability of their workforce is crucial. Apprenticeships provide an essential tool for improving the skills base within the organisation, in addition giving young people the opportunities available to them beyond the classroom.

Having been awarded the Excellence Award for Apprenticeship Support, Trescal decided to send a survey out to their Apprentices past and present to try and explore the reasons behind this award. Trescal presented a series of questions, a combination of both Open and Closed questions, a summary of the results can be found below:


Why did you decide to follow the route of Apprentice Engineer?

  • I decided that I was a more hands on learner and wanted to get paid to train, rather than pay to train
  • For better future and better opportunity
  • To gain an understanding and skills within the workplace while still learning and gaining qualifications.

How does your Trescal Manager support you on a day to day basis?

  • They will make sure I am confident with what I am doing, they give feedback on all work I do and they always ensure I have something to do.
  • Trescal Managers puts us through various training programs at work. They are always there if we have any issue or problems.
  • All Trescal Managers are extremely helpful and always dedicate enough time to answer thoroughly any questions I have to ask and will always demonstrate procedures if I am unsure

Why do you think Trescal have won this award?

  • They treat their apprentices very well and always push them to aim high to achieve their full potential.
  • The in house training i have received is excellent so I would probably suggest that is a main factor of the award
  • Trescal aren't afraid to help apprentices progress. When I first started I asked if it was possible to do my HND further down the line. I was told this wouldn't be a problem and the only thing that would limit how far I went was me. This gave me confidence as I now know how willing Trescal are to help in my development


What I have enjoyed most about my Apprenticeship with Trescal is…..


  • Being able to learn both theory and practical sides of the job at the same time.
  • Learning skills that I can take anywhere in or out of the workplace
  • Coming in and having a laugh with everyone however picking up new knowledge and understandings about calibration as a whole a relaxed yet working environment