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Paris, June 13th, 2019. Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services, is taking a new step in Asia

Pacific with the acquisition of Australian Calibrating Services, present in Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 1969, Australian Calibrating Services is among the largest calibration services providers in Australia, employing 45 people and generating revenue close to AUD 10m (EUR 6m).

Australian Calibrating Services operates four laboratories located in the main economic areas, Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney), Queensland (Brisbane) and South Australia (Adelaide) as well as two on-site operations in Western Australia (Perth) and in New Zealand (Auckland). NATA (Australia) and IANZ (New Zealand) accredited, the company provides services to its industrial customers including in-house and on-site calibration, covering a broad range of technical skills, with particular expertise in force, torque and temperature.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal Deputy CEO, said: “This acquisition confirms our strategy to extend our footprint in Asia where we plan to add one to two new countries per year by the end of 2022.”

This is the 15th acquisition since the change of ownership to Omers in April 2018.



Paris, May 14, 2019. Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services announces the acquisitions of Gero in Cerquilho (Brazil), MCS Laboratory AG in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) near Philadelphia in the USA. These acquisitions will bring an additional turnover of circa 10 million Euros to the group.

Founded in 1991 in Cerquilho in the state of Sao Paulo, Gero holds the largest number of INMETRO accredited domains in Brazil. The laboratory provides in-house and on-site calibration services to the automotive, energy and electronics industries. It employs 64 people and its technical skills, particularly in acoustics, gas flow and radio frequency, enhance the technical capabilities of Trescal, consolidating its status as the leader in the Brazilian market.

With the acquisition of MCS, based near Lucerne, Trescal is strengthening its presence in Switzerland. The group’s technical offering has now been supplemented with new skills in temperature, humidity and pressure. The SAS -accredited laboratory founded in 2006 employs 4 people and specializes in the Life Sciences sector. The two founders, Hansrudolf Imhof and Werner Zgraggen, will remain in place to further the development of this entity.                                        

The acquisition of ISS enables Trescal to expand its presence to Pennsylvania and to increase its expertise in pipette calibration and gas detection & concentration. It will strengthen the group’s ability to address the Life Sciences sector in the US. ISS was founded in 1988 and employs 51 people.

These are the 12th, 13th and 14th acquisitions since the change of ownership to Omers in April 2018.



QUERETARO, a 6 de febrero de 2019

KalibrixCal, la sucursal de Trescal localizada en Querétaro ha finalizado exitosamente la
auditoría de acreditaciones conforme al estándard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Como uno de los primeros laboratorios de calibración en México, Trescal cumple los requisitos del nuevo estándard al igual que amplía de manera significativa su gama de acreditaciones.

Comunica Christian Michel, director general de Trescal en México:

"A partir de este momento podemos
ofrecer calibraciones de temperaturas hasta 600°C, calibraciones mediante pirómetro desde 50° hasta
500°C así como calibraciones eléctricas (DCLF). De esta forma ya estamos en condiciones para ofrecer
calibraciones de temperaturas en hornos y baños conformes al AMS 2750 (industría aeronáutica) y al
CQI-9 (industría automotriz). Este es un paso más en nuestra estrategia global hacia la meta de poder
ofrecer a nuestros clientes un servicio integral ("one-stop shop"). Nuestro objetivo para el presente año
2019 es de incrementar nuestro impacto en el mercado mexicano mediante crecimiento orgánico y

Trescal es un especialista internacional en servicios de calibración establecido en Norteamérica desde
2011. Desde entonces ha ampliado de manera importante su impacto en el mercado con 18
adquisiciones en Estados Unidos, Canadá y México. En 2019 en América del Norte, Trescal alcanza
ventas por 88,3 m USD y emplea 596 personas en 22 laboratorios de calibración.



Paris, January 15th, 2019.
Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services, announces the acquisitions of LBT Testing and Calibration, near Brussels (Belgium); C2M in Rouen (France); Metrology in Vitoria (Brazil).
These acquisitions will add circa €3m turnover to the Group.
Founded in 1992 in Louvain-la-Neuve, near Brussels, LBT provides in-house and on-site BELAC accredited
calibration services as well as validation services to the Life Sciences Industry and employs 16 people. Its
technical expertise covers climatic, carbon dioxide incubator calibration, humidity and temperature. The
manager Roland Platteau will remain with Trescal to pursue the development and the integration of the company within Trescal Group.
Metrology, based in Vitoria, is one of the two private owned laboratories delivering accredited calibration in
the state of Espirito Santo and employs 8 people. This acquisition expands Trescal’s technical and
geographical footprint and consolidates the group’s leadership over the Brazilian metrology services
marketplace. Filippe Aderne Maia who currently runs the company will remain in his position.
The C2M team of 4 people integrates the Trescal Rouen branch bringing their expertise in electrical,
temperature, humidity and pressure calibration as well as their know-how in first level repair.
These are the 9th, 10th and 11th acquisitions since the change of ownership to Omers in April 2018.



Paris, December 18th, 2018.

Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services, announces the acquisition of QTI and QTI Validaciones, a Spanish specialist in calibration, qualification and validation services dedicated to pharmaceutical industries. Respectively based in Madrid and Barcelona, they are the 6th and 7th acquisitions in Spain thus strengthening Trescal’s footprint in particular in Catalonia.

QTI and QTI Validaciones employ 77 people. They both provide in-house and on-site calibration services as well as on-site qualification and validation services. QTI provides ENAC accredited calibrations in Climatic, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity. Their cumulated 2018 sales will exceed 4 million Euros.
QTI and QTI Validaciones founders, Raul Ballesteros, Roberto Español and Valentin Martinez, will remain in their current positions to pursue the development and the integration of the companies within Trescal Group.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal Deputy CEO, said: “The acquisition of QTI and QTI Validaciones confirms our
commitment to the Life Sciences sector and our will to become the reference partner addressing the complex
and evolving needs of pharmaceutical industries across Europe. ”

These are the 7th and the 8th acquisitions carried out with the support of the main shareholder OMERS.