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Understanding the Brillouin function in quantum mechanics

Learn how the Brillouin function describes the magnetic field's dependence on the total angular momentum J of the material.


Compact Illuminance Meter Calibration with Integrating Sphere

Get precise calibration for your compact illuminance meter using an integrating sphere. Trust our professional services.

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Critical Process Parameters in Sterilization: Steam Requirements According to EU GMP Annex 1

Discover the latest insights on the new Annex 1 EU GMP sterilization requirements. View Roberto's poster presentation from CIM 2023.

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Press Release: Trescal acquires Quality Service to Penetrate Life Science Market in Italy

Trescal, the global leader in calibration services, announced that it has acquired Quality Service to gain entry to the Italian life science market and reinforce its geographic coverage. Quality Service represents 4.5M€ in sales and employs 30 people.


Revolutionizing Power Supply Calibration: Innovative Solution for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

Trescal's Zoetermeer laboratory developed a unique solution for power supply calibrations that has significantly reduced the turnaround time and improved customer satisfaction. Learn about the implementation and benefits of the automated bench.


Press Release: Trescal acquires Unithree to consolidate market in South Korea

Trescal, the global leader in calibration services, announced that it has acquired Unithree to open operations in Busan, Korea’s largest port. This brings Trescal’s Korean operations to 40M€ and 330 people over six locations.

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Take a virtual tour of Trescal’s Stevenage laboratory

Trescal's newest purpose-built laboratory hosts various equipment offering accredited calibration services across electrical, dimensional, torque, and frequency domains. Watch the video to explore the laboratory in detail.